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Hamster gone bad. Seriously.
From: Whitney

Okay... I'm cautioning you now. If you have a weak stomach please leave this topic. (It does have to do with a hamster though)

We have 2 seperate hamsters at school. A girl Syrian that I took home over the weekend and a Syrian boy hamster that was left at school over the weekend. He got out over the weekend...

*Monday Morning*

My teacher and I came in monday morning to the science and zoology class room only to find a dead gutless mouse on the floor. We didn't really mind until we found out the boy hamster was missing. The mouse that we had found was fresh and it still had eyes and ears that are not decomposing yet. All the insides were missing and it had a hole right through it's stomach. Should we be concerned that are hamster is a serial killer? Please write me at with your thoughts or opinions about this problem. Thanks.


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