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Sick hamster - Dwarf Winter White
From: Bladerave

Hi all, i've had my hamster about 6months now and i clean his cage every week. I recently started giving him a few veges but now he seems to be ill. I've owned a few dwarfs defore and they've never been ill and i need help. Today he came out of his bed looking very sorry for himself. He has wet hair round his bum and seems very slow. I have bathed him to clean his bum and dryed him with a towel. I've kept him warm and hand fed him water. He gets active every now and again and is still cleaning himself. I don't think its wet tail but i'm not sure. I have removed the veg from his cage and put it just dry mix. He is now ignoring his bed and flopping on the sawdust in his cage. I am worried and a little upset. Plese help.

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