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Re: Swollen Bum
From: Syrian Owner

My hamster has a swollen bum like a small or sometimes large red peanut sticking out the backside. its ok for this it means he's gonna poo soon. You have to give a close eye because hamsters get this also when they are under stress and they tend to tense up and shake in fear which could cause them to accidently push out thier insides. this is called 'wet tail' in the hammy world. look it up. It's fatal, and any vet would put him/her down if they see it. They can't live with it because they scratch and bite thier intestines from irritation which will eventually cause a slow painful death with infection. If you want to do it yourself just break the hamsters neck QUICKLY to put it out of misery asap. And from now on. stop irritating them, they like only a LITTLE attention. most of the time they would prefer you pissed off and left them to it.

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