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From: kt78

My syrian had diarrhea about three weeks ago.I took him to the vet, fearing Wet Tail but the vet said he wasn't sure as he was still eatting, drinking and was active. A couple of days later, I noticed smelly mucus in his poo so I called the vet and he gave me some antibiotics to squirt in his mouth twice a day for a week - that was fun! He finisehed the course but still has wet poo and he's now developed a red sore patch on his bum or testicles, I'm not sure. He won't leave it alone and is obviously in pain as he squeeks when he licks, bites or scratches it. The vets is closed now til monday.I've been advised by pet store to bathe his bum in salt water. I've changed his flooring from sawdust to some safe organic stuff as I fear the sawdust may be part of the problem. He won't leave himself alone and I'm scared he'll really do some damage soon. Any suggestions? He's still active and eatting and drinking but I'm about to have a nervous breakdown I think!

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