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Hamster's bottom is bleeding. HELP!!

My 2yr old female black bear hamster seems to be bleeding from her "lower region" I really can not tell if it from the anus or the vagina. It is relatively heavy spotting but somewhat constant seeming. I noticed it a day a go, and she seems a little slow to move. I am noticing a lack of urin in her cage. I cleaned it a day a go and no significant urine is present yet. I gave her a small dot of vanilla ice cream with a drop of mineral oil thinking maybe she had chewed some of the plastic from her cage and was possibly passing it. I flavored a tiny amount of water with a sprinkle of sugar to encourage hydratioon. She still doesn't seem right. and the spotting has not stopped. A Vetranarian is totally not possible. I barley have groceries or utilities covered this last few months. Any tips or suggestions would be so appriciated my daughter loves her so much.

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