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Re: A red thing coming from my hamster's bum
From: Azura

Just to update to everyone who have read my artical. The vet said that she can't survive any longer and so they suggest that instead of seeing her sufferring, its better for us to put her to sleep. Actually, the red thing which come out from her bum are her ovaries. They further advice that it has nothing to do with the food or hyegine purpose but it just happened that she's the unlucky one. I pray and hope that all other hamsters are not as unlucky as Baby. She is such a sweet and loveable hamster. She will come to you in her ball when you call her name. She is the only I hamster that I have who really know her name. Tears keeps running whenever I see her empty cage, still with some of her blood on her bedding. I never cried this hard before in my life. Its not just a hamster, she's part of the family too.

Its a heart broken story but I guess someone up there love her so much. She's only 4 month old and what I can do for her is to let her go freely.

Anyway, thank you to all who have read about the sickness of Baby Bertozzi.

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