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Babyboy is really sick :-(
From: Heather

i took my hamster to the vet yesterday and they didnt reay sai wut he had but i think i heard her say that his heart is messeing up and i was woundering if he would get betetr and wut sould i do to him ( his mother died like 2-3 weeks ago from this b/c i didnt make her to the vets we was gona take her in saterday and she died that thursday and i was really up set and he is all i got left from her and i really love him ) and well they gave me medasin they told em to give it to him 2 times a day and give him lots of gaterade but he dont really like to drink that ( i am really worried can some1 help )
please omse1 write back ASAP thankx

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